Brandon Forster

I like things and stuff.

Austin, TX

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've contributed to.

My personal website, built using GitHub's provided website starter pack.
HTML 0 0
EdgeX Golang Services Monorepo
Integration test suite
Shell 0 0
Owner: Applications WG

GitHub repositories that I've created, mostly for undergrad homework projects.

Bowling for Congress
Super Bitcoin Trader RPG 64
JavaScript 0 3
Homework 2 for COP 4600- Operating Systems
Java 0 0
CAP 4720 Practice Assignments 7-9
JavaScript 0 0
Practice assignments 3 and 4 for an OpenGL graphics class.
JavaScript 0 0
Crappy bash, Homework 1 for COP 4600 - Operating Systems
A simple MIPS simulator.
Calculates correlations between countries based on GDP data collected in a file in the repo.

My Interests

These are things that I love talking about, working with, and building.